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It all started on a winter's day... February 2013 to be precise!

I have always been an avid collector of bottle caps, and one day I had the idea to transform them into unique products. That’s how my journey with upcycled bottle-cap creations began. I handcrafted a variety of jewellery using bottle tops and ventured to Camden Market in London, UK.

It was a chilly February, and foot traffic was scarce. Despite the circumstances, I managed to sell one bottle-cap ring with the help of some friendly traders. Taking it as a positive sign and a green light to continue, I kept returning to the market, gradually expanding my range of items. Eventually, my upcycled bottle-cap fridge magnets became my signature creations.

Over the years, my stall at Camden Market has evolved and changed, but I still take joy in crafting my beloved bottle-cap fridge magnets. The enthusiastic reactions from my customers to my craftwork continue to brighten my days.

In recent years, my focus has shifted towards working with natural stones, drawing on my bachelor’s degree in Geology (earned in 2004). Life has rekindled my passion for the earth and natural stones in a unique way. I find myself back in the world of gemstones, relearning and enjoying it more than ever before. You’ll find some basic geological information related to my products in their description boxes.

More recently, I have developed a passion for working with Aqua Cast, Jesmonite, and air dry clay. I am excited to introduce new ornaments featuring these materials on Etsy. It’s worth mentioning that aqua cast is an eco-friendly material, adding an extra touch of sustainability to my creations.

To keep things sustainable and avoid mass production, I strive to make things on demand. This approach allows me to create items that truly meet the needs and preferences of my customers, while minimizing waste.

In terms of delivery, I work with Royal Mail, which is the greener option among delivery companies. The postal work is done on foot, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

To commemorate my 10th anniversary as a market trader in Camden Market, I decided to expand my small business to online with my website and Etsy, offering a fresh new start.

I am always on the lookout for innovative ways to use sustainable materials and engage in recycling and upcycling practices.

Thank you very much for visiting my shop. Have a wonderful day!


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Little About Me

Let me introduce myself – my name is Nihan, and I’m thrilled to share a little bit about me and my passion for creating unique and sustainable products.

Born in 1981, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the world around us, which led me to pursue a BSc in Geology, graduating in 2004. However, my entrepreneurial spirit and desire for continuous learning drove me to pursue an MBA, which I completed in 2012.

Based in the vibrant city of London, I established my stall in February 2013, bringing my creative vision to life. Over the years, my stall has become a beloved destination for visitors seeking one-of-a-kind treasures. In celebration of my 10th anniversary, I expanded my reach by venturing into the online realm, ensuring that even those unable to visit Camden Market can enjoy my creations.

At the heart of my stall, you’ll find my passion for crafting bottlecap fridge magnets. These unique creations not only add a touch of whimsy to any space but also embody my commitment to repurposing materials and promoting sustainability. I believe that small changes can make a big difference, both in business and in our personal lives, which is why I strive to incorporate eco-friendly practices wherever possible.

I aim to offer products that not only cater to your needs but also align with your values. Every item you find here has been carefully selected for its quality, innovation, and commitment to sustainability. I believe that together, we can make a difference and contribute to a greener, more ethical future.

But my love for the natural world doesn’t stop there – elephants hold a special place in my heart. These majestic creatures inspire me with their grace and strength. You’ll often find elephant-themed creations amongst my repertoire, showcasing my admiration for these incredible beings.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and my stall.  I hope my creations bring joy. Feel free to reach out with any questions or custom requests – I’m here to make your experience truly memorable.

Warm regards,

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