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Denim Sediment Handmade Wrap Bracelet

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Denim Sediment Handmade Wrap Bracelet
Approximately 5 layers
Button Closure

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Exude Strength and Style with our Denim Sediment Wrap Bracelet

Step into a world of resilience and chic with our Denim Sediment wrap bracelet. Each 4-5mm bead is carefully chosen to reflect strength and versatility, creating a piece that complements any style effortlessly.

This adjustable bracelet, suitable for both men and women, spans 85-90 cm, wrapping five times around the wrist. Its multi-layer design adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit, from casual to formal.

Handcrafted with precision, this bracelet is perfect for everyday wear, embodying the blend of quality and fashion. The Denim Sediment stone is synonymous with durability and resilience, making this bracelet a powerful statement piece.

An ideal gift for those who appreciate unique and robust accessories, this bracelet features multiple buttonholes to ensure a perfect fit. Each piece is a tribute to the enduring beauty of natural stones and exceptional craftsmanship.

For custom jewellery requests or more information, please get in touch. We prioritise your satisfaction above all.


Blue, Earthy, Beige








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